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Popular Brands and Models of Tow Trucks

There are many popular brands and models of flatbed tow trucks for sale that by leading recovery and towing companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Listed here are some of the most popular flatbed rollback tow trucks with some of the noted feature and prices of these flatbed trucks. Some of these truck models at the affordable end of the market or used older tow trucks for less than $10,000.  The prices and cost of buying them increase easily to $50,000 and greater for newer vehicles with the flatbed and rollback. And in the best truck for towing the amazing International CXT tow truck which has one of the highest towing capacity in the world of 40,000 pounds, can cost about $ 120,000.

The flatbed tow trucks also known as rollback tow trucks or just rollbacks are available in many good traditional models at more affordable prices and more practical for day to day towing needs in cases such as a vehicle breakdown or a road accident. Some of the traditional flatbed brands include Toyota, Hummer, and Ford flatbeds. The Ford F-350 Super Duty ranks high towing capacity wise with a towing capacity of around 19,500. This towing capacity is excellent because if you compare it with other popular recovery trucks and wrecker tow trucks, Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty is rated at 16,400 lb (7,400 kg) max and Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 3500HD is at 16,500 lb (7,500 kg) max towing capacity.

Another noted flatbed tow trucks model is the GMC Sierra. It has an engine equipped with a massive 6.6-liter turbo diesel and a vehicle towing capacity of about 16,600 pounds. Like the Ford super duty rollback trucks, the GMC Sierra also has amazing interiors and seats making driving them comfortable. But the GMC Sierra includes even a Bose speaker system seven one DVD player with a screen of seven inches wide to entertain rear seat occupants and can be folded at their convenience.

Next in the for the flatbed models comes the Chevrolet Silverado. The Chevrolet Silverado flatbed like the GMC Sierra flatbed model has an excellent storage of diesel fuel and lush interiors. It has a slightly higher towing capacity of 16,700 pounds. Chevrolet Silverado flatbed is available for sale at a price of around $ 24,500.

Also, some of the other famous models of flatbed tow trucks that towing companies on the east coast of US in places like New York City include the Doge Ram 3500 flatbed tow truck. The International MXT rollback, the new and improved Toyota Tundra rollback, Nissan Titan King Cab tow truck, Cadillac Escalade EXT tow truck and Hummer H2 SUT flatbeds.

How To Get Rid Of A Junk Car

Junk cars are a common sight in many rural areas. You will typically see these kinds of cars sitting on people’s properties, looking like no one has driven them in many years. The owners are aware that they are eyesores, however many people are unsure of what to do with their junk cars. Fortunately, there are many companies that will buy useless, old vehicles.

It is very easy to arrange to have an old car picked up by All you need to do is contact one of the companies either by phone, filling out a contact form that appears on their website or emailing them. You will provide the company with a description of your car and give them your address. A company representative will then come to your home to check out your car.

The representative will be able to tell that you want to get rid of your car. They will determine its value and what they think its monetary worth is.
Every car needs to be examined by a representative since each car will have a different value compared to another one. In addition, if the car you are wanting to get rid of still can be driven, then you can earn even more money for it compared to one that can no longer be driven.

Location is another factor that goes into a junk car’s value. For example, cars that are located in a city might be worth more than one located in a rural or remote location.

Getting rid of your junk car is good for your neighborhood as well as for you. Some neighbors and landlords will be upset having to look at junk cars since they are considered to be eyesores by most people.

Most people prefer to receive cash when getting rid of their junk cars. However, if getting money for your old car isn’t that important to you, there are also other ways of getting rid of a junk vehicle. For example, not-for-profit organizations, like Junk Cars for Cash, take cars for good causes.

Remember that there is a big advantage to contacting a company to get rid of your junk car. That way you won’t have to deal with it. If you are able to reach an agreement on your car, the company will make arrangements to have your car removed from the property. All you need to do is pass on the keys and title to the company. You will receive a check for the monetary value of your car in exchange for the keys and title.

We are in a very tough economy, and there are many people who could really use whatever money they can get their hands on. Getting rid of your junk car is a great way to get some much needed cash. Concerns about having enough money to pay your bills as well as other debts can be completely erased or at least reduced by receiving money for your junk car. It really doesn’t matter what condition your car happens to be in. Even if your car is in terrible condition, you still can receive cash for it.

It doesn’t get much simpler to make money than through selling your junk car for cash. It is a process that takes just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is either go online or pick up the phone.

Junk Cars for Cash is prepared to purchase your old car. We don’t care what condition it is in. So if you happen to have a junk car sitting on your property that you would like to get rid of, just give us a call right now. We will let you know what the worth of your car is and how much money you can get.